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Hei Tang Acid

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S`o luam cu inceputul.

Real name: Song Hee. (Believe it or not)
Nickname: Hei Tang Acid // Xiao Meng // Hei Se Meng
Usually called: Xiao Xiao // Hei Se
Romanian name: Carmen~Corina
Nickname I hate most being called: SonGay.
** Note --> Hei Tang (twn.) = Brown Sugar. **

Age: 16.
DOB: 2 August
Heritage: Romanian-German-Korean.
Location: Galati.
Place of birth: Busan, SK.
Occupation: Elev(a)
Siblings: Brother

His name: Myung Han.
His nickname: Myung CHan <3 xD
His age: 25
His DOB: 19 Aprilie
His heritage: Romanian-German-Japanese.
His location: Tokyo, Japan
His place of birth: Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.
Occupation: Student, Medicina.

Am facut un mic chart. Sa nu va plictisesc cu povestea :]

Back on topic:

1) Actor: Lee Jun Ki.
2) Singer: Gackt
3) K-pop: Big Bang
4) J-rock: Exist Trace // GazettE
5) T-music: Bang Bang Tang // Fei Lun Hai
6) Movie: My sassy girl // King and the clown // Virgin snow.
7) Drama: 18 vs. 29 // Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru // April Snow
8) Song: ON/OFF - Rine Rondo

1) Activity: Drawing // Rapping (Korean, d`hurr.)
2) Beverage: Lemon Wine Pepsi (Heck yea xD)
3) Place: Busan, SK. // Japan
4) Fragnance: One Summer (Calvin Klein)

Know more, ask more :3
Too personal and I kill ^^v

(PS. Vorbesc si romana. Numai ca nu sunt foarte fluenta xD. Prefer coreeana, pe mess vorbesc cel mai mult in coreeana, dar faceti cum vreti xD.
Aah.. si those damned online translators nu-si au rostul. Nici macar nu's bune. Deci.. Online Translators = EPIC FAILURE. D`aaang. xD)[right]
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Annyeong Haseyo~~~
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