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 4ge [guitarist]

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MesajSubiect: 4ge [guitarist]   4ge [guitarist] I_icon_minitimeLun Feb 23, 2009 4:57 pm

name: 4ge
part: guitar and the like
origin: good mountain
birthday / sign: 11.22 / scorpio
bloodtype: B and the like
height / weight: infinity / infinity
family: normal
hobby / skill: t.v. dubbing (not copying!)
strong point / weak point: difficult to upset / quick tempered
habit / favorite phrase: "discover this"
cologne: none
cigarette brand: lucky strike - tar: 11mg; nicotine: 0.8mg
favorite color: natural colors
favorite brand: i don't have a particular brand, but my size is XL
favorite artist: mulder and scully
favorite movie: not a movie, but X-files
favorite cd: not my favorite, but the X-files soundtrack
favorite book: i haven't read it, but the X-files book
favorite food: dried foods
hated food: mushrooms
liked opposite sex type: someone who seems like mika nakashima
disliked opposite sex type: someone who is completely opposite of mika nakashima
girl's fashion that you like: mika nakashima-ish
ideal date course: anything with mika nakashima is good
a girl's behavior that would surprise you: if they called out UFO
a present you've gotten that's made you happy: x-files things
a present you've given that's made you happy to give: x-files things
collections: space things
valued item: talent
treasured item: it's here
worry: i have them
when you're happy: when i became mulder
at the moment, who do you want to meet most: mulder
if you could have three wishes, what would they be?
1. to make a continuation of the x - files
2. to appear on x - files
3. to work on the x - files soundtrack
the biggest prank you've pulled on a member: a hit and run car accident
a dream that's left an impression on you: i became a star in a band that wasn't fatima
a recent event that's moved you: going to a live of an artist who hasn't performed in japan for five years
something that's made you mad recently: during that live the people who came were seriously aggressive
something that's made you anxious recently: that artist right now
how do you spend your off days: zzzz....
at the moment, what kind of room do you live in: 2LDK
what artists have influenced you: artists that stimulate me enough to create
the first CD you bought: tokunaga hideaki's...
the first live you went to: my dad's live
what's the first song you did a cover of?: green day's ... uhm, ... basket case
when did you first perform in front of an audience: wayyyy back
a live that's left an impression on you: it's always the most recent live
your favorite fatima song: the new songs
a mistake you've made at a live: none
how do you relieve stress: i go to my parent's house
the most important thing when doing music: going home to my parent's house
represent yourself in five words: 4; water; oil; chief; great
say something to each member: (faces everyone) thank you for everything
what's your dream from here on out?: to build a space station
your message: this is 4ge. everything written here is fiction.
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4ge [guitarist]
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