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MesajSubiect: Towa [drummer]   Towa [drummer] I_icon_minitimeLun Feb 23, 2009 4:58 pm

name: towa
part: drums
origin: kyuushuu
birthday / sign: 6.1 / gemini
bloodtype: B
height / weight: 165 / 50
family: father, mother, older brother
hobby / skill: piano & basketball
strong point / weak point: bright personality / short tempered
habit / favorite phrase: "seriously?!"
cologne: lately nothing
cigarette brand: marlboro menthol light
favorite color: black, blue, red, white
favorite brand: BEAMS, and i want to wear others
favorite artist: TERRY BOZZIO (laughs) and joey (SlipKnoT)
favorite movie: no favorite
favorite book: a recent interesting one is "Goth" by Otoichi
favorite food: strawberries and other various things
hated food: raw eggs, boiled eggs, and other various things
liked opposite sex type: i have things that i like, but just people who are honest
disliked opposite sex type: fake people. burikko.
girl's fashion that you like: people who don't dress up too much.
ideal date course: most likely just hanging out
a present you've gotten that's made you happy: letters, accessories, clothes, and things like that
a present you've given that's made you happy to give: same as above
collections: cds, relaxing things
valued item: everyone who has given me support
treasured item: fan's letters, presents, and stuff like that
worry: i've had a lot of worries for some years ...
when you're happy: at lives when a sense of togetherness is made with the fans
at the moment, who do you want to meet most: grandpa
if you could have three wishes, what would they be?
1. i want a pouch like a kangaroo's
2. i want to use the kamehameha move
3. i want to become a person with no worries
the biggest prank you've pulled on a member: nothing special
a dream that's left an impression on you: i don't dream
a recent event that's moved you: nothing special
something that's made you mad recently: various things
something that's made you anxious recently: the chicken flu
how do you spend your off days: relaxing inside, watching TV, things like that. listening to CDs.
at the moment, what kind of room do you live in: if i were to describe it in a good way, i'd say simple. if i were to describe it in a bad way, i'd say boring.
what artists have influenced you: traditional japanese artists
the first CD you bought: that's very important
the first live you went to: my friend's live
what's the first song you did a cover of?: that's a secret
when did you first perform in front of an audience: when i was 15, 16
a live that's left an impression on you: 2003.3.30 oneman at baba area
your favorite fatima song: shizumu taion
a mistake you've made at a live: failure teaches success
how do you relieve stress: i sleep
the most important thing when doing music: that you really love the music that you're doing
represent yourself in five words: gap; smiling face; drums; piano; pure heart
say something to each member: sanaka --> please stay leveled / 4ge --> from here on out, please stick to who you are / mizuha --> from here on out, please keep that gentleness that you have with you / lay --> from here on out, please stay as a good older brother
what's your dream from here on out?: to improve at drums, of course!
your message: since you are coming to lives, please have fun, don't be shy. and because you enjoy both the visual aspect, and sound aspect, in the future please support us!
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Towa [drummer]
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