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The girl puffed out her cheeks angrily as her father patted her golden spun hair with a smile . How could he not have a smile on his lips when his little girl - no , not little girl anymore , teenage daughter looked so utterly adorable with her cheeks puffed out like that . Oh and how she looked up at him with her cute honey brown eyes glazed with fake anger ! He reached out his hands to brush her face but his daughter turned away , refusing to be touched by such a traitor .

“ Papa , why are sending me out in the field to eat my lunch ? Why can’t I stay close to the house ? ” His daughter asked , quivering her bottom lip in a cute pout .
“ Dear , I’ve already told you the reason . I am cleaning out the house and I don’t want all the little buggies to come crawling out towards you . ” His daughter’s expression turned to disgust as the word “ buggies “ , for she was deathly afraid of bugs , but what creepy crawler frightened her most was the ever graceful ...

Spider ...

“ Fine , I’ll go . Just as long as I don’t have to see any of those disgusting creepy crawlers you love so much . ” Her father laughed and patted his daughters head again . He handed her her lunch , curds and whey , and with a pat to her rosy cheeks he sent her off .
“ Bye Papa ! I’ll see when you’ve finished your work ! ” She made it sound like she was going away for days and he was the cause for it . He waved at her retreating back and called out to her reducing figure .

“ Don’t talk to strangers , Patience ! ”

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet ...

Patience Muffet walked until her feet starting crying out for mercy and her stomach growled loudly for food . She spotted a tuffet , a nice soft lump of grass , and nodded to herself surely . She sat very lightly upon the tuffet , as almost if it was going to crumb down if she sat upon it any harder . Patience smiled to herself happily , humming a bright tune as she opened her blue tinted picnic basket and took out her hardy lunch .

Eating her curds and whey ...

She munched happily on her food , looking occasionally towards her home to see if her Father was finished . She spotted him dusting out the rugs and coughing uncontrollable when the dust entered his lungs . She wanted to get up and help him but he recovered and continued with his task . She frowned , not liking that her father didn’t take more precaution at simple tasks like that , didn’t he know he could get killed by not playing it safe ?

When along came a spider ...

As Patience finished up the rest of her food she titled her head at the shadow that suddenly covered her from above . She looked up to see a man with long limbs and a deceiving smile , but she of course didn’t know that it was deceiving . She smiled shakily at the man not knowing if to be on her guard or not , but once the man gave a kind smile she knew she had no need for a guarded presence .

Who sat down beside her ...

The man stretched out beside her and with his long limbs spreading far , Patience was suddenly reminded of a monstrous spider . Her heart ratted with fear as she thought of the deadly creature , and when the man smiled at her and wrapped a thin black coated arm around her , she knew he was like the creature she feared most . She felt like a fly trapped in its web as the man pulled her closer , holding her against his awkwardly thumping heart .
“ I finally got you in my web , sweetie , after so long of waiting . I finally caught my little fly . ” His voice was like a silky thread , smooth and suave . Patience whimpered at his words , shifting her eyes to her home , hoping her father would see the man holding her in his grasp . But she gasped at she found him lying a puddle of his blood , stabbed brutally in the back with slash marks trailing down his body . Tears dripped out of her eyes and down her rosy cheeks as she realized she lost the person most important to her . The man noticed her tears and wiped them away with one swipe of his finger , hushing her to stop crying .
“ Now , now , sweetie no tears ... You’ll be joining him soon ... and I don’t like for my victims to be all soggy when I eat them . ” Patience whimpered again as she heard his words and much like a frightened fly , she thrashed around in his arms trying to set herself free . But , of course , the spider was smarter than that and held on tightly , not letting his meal get away . He dug through his pocket and brought out a thin syringe needle with a dull white colored liquid swimming inside it .

“ Okay , sweetie , since you obliviously want to do this the hard way , I’ll put your little cute self into a deep sleep , so I can eat you in peace . “ He laughed slightly as Patience’s eyes got big and round and shone bright with fear . He wasted no other time and quickly dug the needle into her neck , squeezing out the liquid with a practice perfect action . She fell limp in his arms , with her eyes still wide open with fear . He wiped a blood caked hand over her lids , closing them and giving her at least some type of peace .
He reached into the bag hoisted over his shoulder and pulled out a large vial of bright green liquid labeled ACID in big black letters , and poured it slowly over Patience’s slumbering body , starting from the bottom up . The acid quickly burned through the flesh of her feet until it pooled into a creamy liquid and showed the white bone shinning underneath. The man was in his own little peace filled world , his mouth somewhat drooling over the fact that he’ll get to eat soon , but that was brought to a suddenly halt when he heard a high pitched scream of pain coming from his meal . He glared at the girl who was now crying her poor little eyes out , and clutching at her heart , trying to will the pain on her lower body to go away .

“ Sweetie , it’s not going to go away , so I suggest you shut up and let me eat you in peace . ” Patience continued to scream but was stopped by the man slapping duck tape over her mouth and stabbing the syringe into her neck again . The man sighed with peace once she fell into another sleep and this time decided to use two needles of the white liquid instead of one . And after he did just that , he dumped the whole vial of acid over her entire body quickly and messily .

And scarred Little Miss Muffet away ...

The spider slurped up his meal happily and hungrily . Never had a fly tasted as good as this human fly had , because after all ... human flesh tastes so much better than any insect !
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