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* Name: Kawamura Ryuichi
* Real Name: Takano Ryuichi
* From: Machida, Kanagawa
* Birth Date: May 20, 1970
* Zodiac Sign: Taurus
* Blood Type: O
* Religion: Buddha
* Height: 171 cm (5,7 ft)
* Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)
* Hobbies: Surfing and boxing
* Favourite Bands: U2, The Beatles
* Favourite Color: Red
* Favourite Drinks: Green Tea, Wine

Kawamura Ryuichi is the former vocalist of LUNA SEA. When LUNA SEA broke up in 1997, he released several singles & one album. And he awarded as "Best Male Singer '97". Now he's the vocalist of Tourbillon. He has married 2002 Miss Japan, Sano Kumi. There were a rumor in the 90's, that he had "Love Triangle" with Sakai Noriko and Kudo Shizuka. Rumor says that Ryuichi liked Noriko, but Shizuka liked Ryuichi. He made the song Namida Iro and Butterfly for Noriko and Love is... for Shizuka.
* He never dyed his hair while he was in LUNA SEA, because he didn't like other people touching it.
* He likes to wear long-sleeve shirts to hide his tatoo.
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Ryuichi ~ vocal ~
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